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Advertising Agreement

  1. Definitions

 Australian Digital Marketing Pty Ltd T/As My Local Pages or My Local Pages LLC (United States) or Australian Digital Marketing Pty Ltd T/As Ezi Digital Marketing Or Australian Digital Marketing Pty Ltd T/As My Local Digital Marketing  is known, defined, and referred to as “MLP” in this agreement.

The Advertiser is the nominated individual or business of a proprietary limited company listed on the front of this document and is referred in this agreement as the “Advertiser”.

Advertising: Means the promotion of the given person, business or proprietary limited company, or other legally nominated entity across any of the Websites, Digital Marketing Platforms, SEO, SMS, Electronic Digital Mail distributions, Portals, and or Platforms owned within the Australian Digital Marketing Pty Ltd, My Local Pages LLC, Real Estate Online Pty Ltd companies or additional third party promotional opportunities introduced by the two aforementioned companies.

Start or Commencement Date: is the date the

agreement is signed by both parties.

Term: Means the initial Term and any additional term under the renewal clause 7(c).  

Initial Term: Means the period specified on the front page of this agreement. If it is not a defined 6 or 12 month agreement, the minimum term is four months. 

Fee: Means the establishment, set up or monthly subscription fee specified on the front page of this agreement. Additional offerings are available online and must be paid in advance for one-off promotional service and annual increases are detailed in clause 5.

GST: Has the meaning given to the Goods and Services Tax Act 1999 (Cth) and any other Act or Regulation relating to implementation of GST.

Intellectual Property Rights: Means all intellectual property rights including registered and unregistered rights both current and future in respect to copyright, trademarks, patents (includingpending), design/s, methods, advertising, trade secrets, technical information, and any other document marked either “confidential” or “copyright”.

Loss: Means any loss, cost or expense, liability and includes legal expenses under a full indemnity basis.

Indirect Loss: Means any loss suffered or incurred by a party as a result of a breach of this agreement by any party that is considered arising from the breach.

Trade Practices: Means trading in a manner that adheres to laws of the relevant jurisdiction and complies with the requirements of such authorities as per the appropriate laws and does not bring MLP into disrepute.

Variation/s: The agreement or any future replacement agreements that varies from the current agreement.

 Statute and Jurisdiction: Statute is the legal codes, statutes or ordinances of the laws that are relevant to and preside over the licensee. The jurisdiction refers to the area of governanceappropriate to the licensee.

 Regulatory Event: Means the occurrence of an event that results in MLP being unable in reasonable opinion to continue to provide the service to you

on the terms of this agreement.

Vice Versa: Under this agreement Singular includes

Plural and Vice Versa.

Insolvent and Insolvent Termination:

The Advertiser is determined to be Insolvent when:

(a)    Insolvent under administration under the

Corporations Act.

(b)    A liquidator has been appointed or is in provisional liquidation under the Corporations Act.

(c)    If the Advertiser is unable to pay its debts when they fall due

(d)    Declaration of impending bankruptcy.

2. Granting of the Advertising Agreement

(a) MLP grant an exclusive advertising and promotion for the nominated Advertiser as per this agreement required to meet the terms specified in this agreement.

(b) The Advertiser and MLP accept the usage of electronic document signed agreements as being the legally binding for this agreement.

(c)The Advertiser acknowledges they are

responsible for ensuring no illegal activity shall infringe on the rights of others.

(d)  All information provided by the Advertiser is to be true and be an accurate representation of the products, materials or services offered by the said Advertiser.  

3. Assignment:

(a)This agreement may not be assigned to any third party without the written consent of MLP, and the original Advertiser will still be accountable for the assigned party until either the term of theagreement concludes or MLP waivers this remaining term in writing.

(b) Under the circumstances of a sale of the business that is operating as the owner of the Advertising may be assigned with the sale of the business.

4. Fees and Payments

(a) The Advertiser must pay MLP any associated set up and subscription invoiced fee.

The Advertiser must pay the fee either by direct credit card deduction as specified under the payment gateway for the set up fee and subscription. The advertiser subscription invoice dates are 30 days in advance.

(b) Any late payments may incur an additional fee equivalent to 25% of the monthly fee; or may have this agreement terminate should the nonpayment period extend in excess more than 30 days from invoice date.

(c) The goods and services tax (GST) amount are inclusive to the fee amount unless the advertiser provides acceptable exception documents.

(d) MLP may have this agreement terminate should the nonpayment period extend in excess more than 30 days from due subscription invoice date.

5. Annual Increases

The annual increases will be CPI or 4% whichever is the greater. These increases are assessed on whichever starting amount in this agreement.

6. Warranties and Indemnities

(a) MLP warrants that we are able to offer the Advertiser the said promotions under the terms of this agreement.

(b) MLP provides makes no other representations, warranty expressed or implied.

(c) If a clause is challenged it does not alter the

remaining clauses of this agreement.

(d) The advertiser warrants complying with all

terms and appropriate governance laws relating to

the code of conduct advertising within Australia.

(e) The advertiser will indemnify MLP for any loss suffered in connection with a breach of legislated law by direct or indirect action. This also applies to third parties.

7. Term, Expiration, Termination

(a) Start and Term of Agreement:

Date the Agreement is signed by both parties. The term is the length of time nominated on this agreement per the number of months the agreement is committed to as a minimum period before renewals.

(b) Changes to the agreement.

Changes may be made to the agreement with mutual agreement.

(c) Renewal

This agreement automatically renews unless termination notification were to be received from the advertiser more than 30 day prior to the end of term date. The renewed agreement is for the same length of time as the original term.

(d) Termination by Advertiser

The agreement may only be terminated by notification in writing and must be received prior to 30 day before the end term date.

(e) Termination by MLP

MLP may terminate this agreement at any time by written notice if:

–       A breach of nonpayment has occurred for a 30 day period; or.

–       A Regulatory Event occurs; or

–       The advertisers nominated entity becomes insolvent.

–       A breach of law per clause 6(d).

8. Breach causing Termination.

(a) If clause 9 (d) has been breached and the term has not been completed MLP reserves the right to

pursue the Advertiser for all outstanding fees and associated costs incurred.

(b) The advertiser must cease all business promotions in relation to any MLP related materials usage.

(c) MLP has the right to terminate any agreement based on our zero tolerance of customers rudeness, impropriety and or abuse. No employee or officer of MLP shall be required to continue to serve a customers who has engaged in any of these behaviors. Management shall take steps to discourage improper customer behavior. It shall be taken that the client has forfeited their 30 days notice and all works completed and in the process of preparation for scheduling in this period be the final account of the said advertiser/customer. 

9. Limitation of Liability

MLP’s limit of liability is to the Advertiser is to be accumulated to a maximum amount equivalent to the previous 4 months of monthly fees paid by the advertiser.

10. Confidentiality & Indemnities

The advertiser agrees that obligations under this Agreement continue after the end of its term and MLP have the right to enforce any breach.

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